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PRENTICE ASH Rage of the Lions Book 1

By Matt Barron

Trained as a knight, condemned as a heretic, exiled as a convict, Prentice’s every moment is a struggle just to survive.

The Duke is dead and now Duchess Amelia, his young and inexperienced bride, must rule the Western Reach alone. But when an unknown enemy invades her lands, slaughtering all in their path, her knights are too eager for glory to see the danger. She must turn to Prentice, a convict, wise in the art of war and the only one she can trust despite the dishonor it brings.

Thrust into the frontlines, Prentice must fight to survive not only the violence of the enemy, but the inexperience and foolishness of his own commanders. In the midst of conflict, Prentice will earn the battle name Ash, for no matter how intense the fires of war, even if all burns away, Ash will still remain.

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