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Eagles of the

Grand Kingdom

Rage of Lions Book 4

By Matt Barron

The Redlander fleet has invaded the south and Duchess Amelia, with her Captain Prentice Ash, march to face them at the head of her White Lions, the toughest foot soldiers in the world.

High King Chrostmer has summoned all the Grand Kingdom’s knights and nobles to face the coming threat, and the Lions of the Reach are crucial to his strategy. At every turn though, intrigues and mysteries threaten the defenders’ efforts from within and without.
Prince Daven Marcus still conspires against the duchess, to avenge the shame and humiliation of his failed crusade in the west. The Redlanders plan their assault with beast soldiers, serpent priestesses, mantis warriors, and new terrible magicks. The Church hierarchy plot too, resentful of the success that Prentice, a condemned heretic, has found in the west.
And over it all, the High King has his own schemes.
The Golden Eagles—twin crests of the High King and the Prince of Rhales—may yet be a cry of victory or a mournful wail of defeat.


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