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We're sorry to announce that we are closed for submissions.

We believe in bringing truth into the world one story at a time through the lens of fiction. That may seem an odd statement coming from a press that publishes mainly science fiction and fantasy, but we believe that no matter how otherworldly or fantastical your story is, there are truths within it.

While being small has advantages there are some disadvantages as well. For instance, we don’t have the reach of the bigger publishers, don’t offer an advance, and can’t get your books in national book stores. These might be deal breakers for some of you, and that’s okay, we understand. The flip side is as a small press we are able to personalize your experience and offer one of the highest royalty rates in the industry. Because we are just a husband and wife team we only take on a few new projects a year and as such

With a new release, we have money set aside and a marketing plan to make every book we publish successful. We publish in eBook and paperback format and can do hardcover on request. It’s also our goal to produce each of our books into a professional audiobook to cater to that market as well. At the end of the day, we want you and your work to be as successful as possible because we’re in this together!

Here are a few things we’re looking for at this time:

  • Full-length novels over 50,000 words (no poetry, short stories, or novellas).

  • For an adult or YA audience (no children’s books or middle grade).

  • Preferably a finished manuscript but we will still look at your unfinished work.

  • The story/plot must be strong and we enjoy layered world-building, complex characters, and twists on common tropes.

  • Our main interest lies in speculative fiction (mainly sci-fi and fantasy, and all their sub-genres) but we will look at other genres as well (no non-fiction or romance at this time).


​Make sure to follow these guidelines when emailing us your submissions.

The email’s subject line should be-- Query: Story Name by Your Name (Example- Submission: Outbreak by Joshua C. Chadd)

In the body of the email include: your name, story name, genre, and if the manuscript is finished. We’d also like to know how you found us and why you’re interested in working with us, as well as any other information you want to share.

Attach to the email the following in three separate documents:

  • Query/Cover Letter- This is a single page pitch letter that gives a brief description of your work. It needs to include four elements: 

    • Book Details- Genre, word count, title/subtitle, series info, & comparison titles.

    • Hook- Description of your story that hooks us (Approx.100-300 words).

    • Author Bio- A little about yourself (including your publishing history).

    • Contact Info- Address, phone number, email address, social media links, and website (of any).

  • Novel Synopsis- This is a brief 1-3 page summary of your book from beginning to end. It must reveal the ending so we can see the complete story arc.

  • First three chapters of your manuscript- These should be Times New Roman 12 pt font, double spaced, with page numbers in a .doc file or PDF.

To submit your story click on the button below or email us at:

We look forward to reading your work!
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