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The Mantis and the Mirrored Sky eCover sm.jpg

The Mantis and
          the Mirrored Sky

Rage of Lions Book 6

An Archduchess is the equal of any Prince–a Queen in her own land.

For the first time since the invasions began, the Western Reach is united under its sovereign ruler Amelia. Now the Archduchess, she beholden to no one, not even the throne in Denay. All treachery has been wiped away from the Reach nobility and the entire armies of the west are united behind their liege. But this is no time to be complacent.


Prentice Ash has not forgotten his oath to pursue the Serpent Witch and to make an end to all her schemes. With new allies, he hunts the Dwelt for converts to the vile cult, cutting out their covens by fire and steel. This war in the shadows uncovers a more frightening possibility awaiting beyond the river–a secret route for the Redlander armies into the heart of the Reach. The beast men and blood sorcerers are preparing the final invasion, and that, Captain Ash cannot allow.


Archduchess Amelia travels south to Aubrey, to secure her border from the Vec princes. Though her coffers are empty, bled dry by the drought, her soldiers are a mighty force, but only if she can pay them. Meanwhile, Prentice races west to a site of the enemy’s ancient power. The duchess and captain’s domestic enemies have been quelled at great cost, but before they can recover their strength, foreign enemies only threaten to multiply. Ready or not, the time has come to take the offensive, or else all they have fought to build will be devoured in a consuming storm, like a cloud of locusts sweeping over the land.

Available soon in eBook and paperback

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